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We can supply the following water resistant thermometers, which are suitable for you to monitor the water temperatures of the taps and tanks within your premises.

Please note: Products sold may differ in looks from the pictures displayed.

Digital Probe Thermometer (Code DPT)

  • Can be held under hot and cold taps.
  • Stainless steel probe with pocket case and clip.
  • Can also be used for other applications, such as food processing and storage, and refrigeration.
plus VAT

Digital Tank Thermometer (Code DTA)

  • Can be used for taking the temperature of cold water tanks, remotely.
  • Comes with 3 metre lead with sensor probe, which can be left in the tank and the unit fixed to the wall for easy reading.
  • Can also be used outdoors, if required.
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Clip on Pipe Thermometer (Code CPT)

  • Can be used to measure the temperature of water travelling through the pipework.
  • Can be clipped on to pipework, particularly useful for checking the temperature of water leaving and returning to the hot water cylinders (calorifiers).
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Legionella Thermometer Kit (Code LTK)

  • Thermometer kits, for monitoring tap and calorifier (hot water storage cylinder) temperatures, as required by the HSE in their ACOP L8 on legionella control.
  • Contains 1 x Digital Temperature Probe and 1 x Clip on Pipe Thermometer
plus VAT

Please note: There is an additional charge of £3.00 for postage and packaging.