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Hotel and Leisure Facilities

Most hotels and leisure facilities have showers available to the public.

Showers are a danger area, particularly if they are not kept free of scale or flushed regularly. They have been associated with several outbreaks of Legionnaires’ Disease in the past; the illness is caused by inhaling the bacteria into the lungs in an aerosol and showers generate a lot of this, close to the nose and mouth.

Spa baths, commonly referred to as Jacuzzis™, are also very high risk, as the temperature of the water is an ideal breeding ground for the bacteria and, again, they generate a lot of aerosol.

Who are ‘at risk’?

Not only the elderly are at risk of contracting Legionnaires’ Disease. Anyone who has a weakened immune system, due to health problems or deliberate suppression, following organ transplantation, for example, is at high risk. Also, people suffering from heart or lung problems, such as asthma, are very vulnerable.

You will probably not be aware if any of the members of the public using your facilities fall in to the ‘at risk’ categories for contracting Legionnaires’ Disease. Thus, it is safer to assume that some do and test the showers and the spa baths for the presence of the legionella bacteria, on a regular basis.

Depending upon the size and design of the facilities, we can provide a legionella testing kit from only £43.75 plus VAT.

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