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Schools and Nurseries

Unfortunately, increasing numbers of children attending schools and nurseries are suffering from bronchitic conditions, such as asthma, which makes them vulnerable to infections affecting the lungs. Thus, if exposed to the legionella bacteria, they are at high risk of contracting Legionnaires’ Disease, which is a pneumonia type illness.

Schools, particularly those with older facilities, often have a significant amount of pipework. This can lead to ‘deadlegs’, where stagnant water can accumulate, a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Ensure that the water system is free from the legionella bacteria by maintaining the water temperatures at the levels recommended in the HSE’s Code of Practice and flushing the taps and showers regularly, particularly during the school holidays. You should also carry out a test for the presence of the legionella bacteria in the water system and repeat this on a regular basis.

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